Strategic Thought Partner

Provides an experienced and thoughtful “inside/outside” perspective to boards, senior leaders and senior teams in developing strategic plans, assessing future strategic potential and scenarios and developing robust solutions to organizational challenges and opportunities.

Designing, Implementing and Sustaining Change

Brings to the table nationally recognized thought leadership and experience in organization transformation based on innovation and change management. Helps clients achieve breakthrough improvement in designing and implementing their own innovation and change processes.

Leadership Development and Mentoring

Establishes lasting partnerships with selected individuals and organizations to accelerate career, personal and business success.  This service is ideal for early, mid and senior careerists and consists primarily through customized mentor relationships.

Governance Effectiveness

Support non-profit board, board chairs and senior leaders in aligning and improving the structure, processes, relationships and outcomes of their governance activities.

Thought Leadership

Contribute content and perspective to events, retreats, academic programs and media by serving as a speaker or panelist at events, participating in leadership or innovation collaboratives and/or roles as guest or permanent faculty for academic and professional associations.